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Prevost Action Service Support (PASS)

The Prevost Action Service System┬« (PASS) is a free 24/7/365 resource designed to assist motorhome owners in diagnosing a service problem and finding the best solution. This is a completely free phone service for any owner; no need to sign up for a subscription. Simply call 1-800-463-7738 and they will connect you with a service representative to assist. 

Pass Benefits Include:

  • Toll-free assistance from qualified and trained representatives
  • 24/7 technical advice
  • Help finding the nearest qualified road service
  • Emergency maintenance assistance and towing
  • Scheduling for emergency service appointments
  • Expedited delivery of parts from a Prevost Parts distribution facility
  • Help with related financial matters and warranty claims paperwork

PASS offers 24/7 availability 365 days a year

Just call 1-800-463-7738